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Sunday, September 21, 2003
小南國狀元樓 Xiaonanguo Imperial House (Tel: 2894-8899) is the branch of Central's famous Xiaonanguo Shanghai Restaurant. X- Imperial House is tucked away in Sugar Street in Causeway Bay, right behind Winsor House. The food is just as good and cheaper than its sister shop in Central.
posted by Albert at 1:42 PM
Seoul Deli (Tel:2659-9899) is a few steps away - towards Central - from the New York Theater on Lockhart Road, Causeway Bay. Genuinely good and cheap Korean food. The place is a bit small but clean.
posted by Albert at 1:35 PM
Sunday, September 07, 2003
My brother and I Took my German friend Dirk and his son Richard to 麻辣小喇叭 La Ba Hot Pot in TST (Tel:2735-3800) for Sichuan hotpot. Dirk usually puts chilli sauce in his curry so I order the super hot soup base for him....he was rather "impressed"! The food here is very fresh and the service impeccable. With beer, the bill came to HK$1100 for 4 hungry men. Hong Kong is getting cheaper!
posted by Albert at 9:56 PM
菜拾伍功夫菜 Choy Sub Ng Fusion (Tel:2810-7229) is what we call a private dining club 私房菜. There are only 3 tables and the boss is always there. The menu is fusion Shanghainese. Very original! Customers are served 15 dishes. It came to HK$360 each for eight of us men and we left about 1/3 of the meal untouched! Maybe we were all trying to lose weight... Reservation is a must here.
posted by Albert at 9:46 PM
Sunday, August 24, 2003
If you like American country style roast chicken, try "Kenny Rogers Roasters" (Tel: 2915-3183). Great chicken. Great potato salad. Good muffins!
posted by Albert at 2:28 PM
"Sun" (Tel: 2506-1838) in Times Square is operated by Suntory, the beer company. I think Suntory should stick to making beer! The place is not cheap, the portion is extremely small and the quality of food is average at best. Might as well go to 魚一丁 across the street!
posted by Albert at 2:25 PM
Saturday, August 02, 2003
If you happen to be in Beijing and want to go to a nice place for a drink, try Code Red(Tel:86-10-6507-3407). It is owned by a Hong Kongese. Very nice decor and great music. Even serves Spam and egg instant noodle!
posted by Albert at 6:18 PM
Sunday, July 27, 2003
For those people who are adventurous, go to my pending review list and explore the restaurants yourselves! The list is growing and I don't seem to have enough time to check out all of them. Send me your comments!
posted by Albert at 10:54 AM
白 瀧 居酒屋 (Tel:2838-2023) is hidden in the 2/F Radio City on Hennessy Road, Causeway Bay. It is what Japanese called a Izakaya - a place for drinking. The sushi is surprising good! Ask for Susanna, the manager. She should get the good service award for Hong Kong.
posted by Albert at 10:51 AM
Saturday, July 05, 2003
麵醬: 把優質的黃豆蒸熟,加入麵粉撈勻,讓其發酵,十四日後,把它放入缸中,加鹽和水,放在太陽下曬,出了第一層汁後,取去做頭抽,而留下的鼓渣就打爛,加糖和其他調味料煮過,然後放在太陽下曬乾,這就是麵鼓醬了 (又叫麵醬)。 除了麵醬,還有另一種常見的調味料叫原曬鼓。它是黃豆發酵後不取頭油,一直曬至熟透,出來的麵醬是原粒金黃色的,有濃濃的豆香。
posted by Albert at 5:13 PM
Sunday, June 29, 2003
巨龜莊 GO Gu Jang (Tel:2577-2021) has reopened and actually reduced its price!
posted by Albert at 3:27 PM
I think restaurants have a social responsibility to at least get the Chinese characters of the food right. 東湖金閣 (Tel:2576-2008) Golden East Lake Chinese Cuisine serves 蟹肉麵! Sad! The food is pretty good but one of the captains said he didn't know what vegetables were on the menu that day and showed absolutely NO intention to find out. Wonder if he got so fat because he doesn't have to serve his customers!
posted by Albert at 3:17 PM
Want to have the biggest Alaskan King Crab Legs? Go to Shooters 52! These guys are HUGE! For those who are truly carnivorous, eat TWO prime ribs (16oz each) and all the french fries and you will get them for free. I couldn't even finish one.
posted by Albert at 3:09 PM